Repair request

We don't do any repairs on E-Bikes, regardless of whether the motor is involved or not. For (almost) all other types of Bicycle we are happy to help. This includes flat tyres, new tyres, braking and shifting problems, Lights, Wheel trueing, chain tensioning etc. Write a short description of the problem and what type of bike you have. Suggest a time which suits you and we'll get in touch as quickly as we can.

Example request: Hi, both tyres on my bike are flat. The front wheel can't be pumped up at all and the rear goes down within about 3 hours. It is a city bike with hub gears and rim brakes (V-Brakes). The tyre size is 622-37 and the valves are Dunlop style. The bike is in the Kiautschoustraße and Tuesday between 10 and 12 or Wednesday afternoon would work well for me. Are you able to help? Kind regards ......

You can also reach us on the number 030 5254 5930. We are looking forward to hearing from you!


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